With Isuzu great after sales support you know you are in the right hands.


Isuzu produces more than one million diesel engines annually. Years of research, development and production resulted in cutting-edge technology that enhances the environmental benefits of diesel engines.

Isuzu’s goal is to develop super-clean diesel engines.  These super-clean engines combine the traditional advantages of diesel over other internal combustion engines, with powerful performance and reduced exhaust gases and PM emissions, by integrating combustion optimisation, after-treatment technology and comprehensive electronic control. The Isuzu Clean Air Solutions (I-CAS) system optimises these three key technologies to minimise exhaust emissions, and boost power.


  • Service Centre

  • Genuine Isuzu Parts

  • Warranty & Support

  • Roadside Assistance

Great Services

Service Centre

Full back-up and service for all.
Reliability means much more than just a mechanically reliable truck. Rest assured that you have the whole of Isuzu Truck SA and its Customer Care Centre to support you on the road.


Replacement Parts

Once an Isuzu, always an Isuzu! Our parts supply is efficient and reliable keeping downtime to a minimum.

We provide only Genuine Isuzu Parts for the highest reliable


All Isuzu Truck models are covered for 24 months with an unlimited mileage warranty. The Corrosion warranty on all Isuzu Truck models are 36 months, irrespective of the kilometres. The warranty period begins on the date of sale of the vehicle to the original retail purchaser.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is available on all vehicles. We will arrange either a technician to repair your vehicle on the side of the road or a tow operator to take your vehicle to the nearest dealership to be repaired.

Dealership Statistics

2000 +

Trucks Sold

R 750000

Amount Sold

100 %

Customer Satisfaction


Oil Changes

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